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If you are a shell seeker, a shark's tooth hunter, an Indian artifact searcher or simply a finder of things, you are a rock hounder, too, at heart.

I started rock hounding when my husband and I bought our piece of West Texas sky in 2004. In the abundance of rocks found in the country of West Texas, I quickly discovered a unique rock that stood apart from the masses. Paul, who owns the local rock shop, intrigued me with the fact that we had a unique and basically rare form of a semi-precious stone, Marfa agate.

The area is likely to be one of the three top locations in the United States for the quartz family of gemstones. Agates are the primary stone, then you may find jasper, geodes, even an occasional fossil.

All agates share a similar exterior identification, yet when cut, they consist of a multitude of variation, from plume or flower shape, to multi colored bouquet, moss plume, even tubes of crystallization.
Thus began my heart felt need to share these beautiful stones with others. A designer by education - and emotion -  I bring you a unique way to own a rare piece of West Texas and Marfa.

The slabs are cut from agates found on our ranch and area ranches at the local rock shop. After hours of polishing these slabs I add unique and one of a kind embellishments like vintage milagros' and rosary seed beads, various stones from agates, lava, mother of pearl, even turquoise.

I see the color, nuance, line, shadow and imagery of our West Texas landscape mirrored in every slab. Agates are known for their healing energy with it's natural composition of quartz crystal. I hope each piece can relate the same special energy to it's wearer.

- Kathy Bracewell (2010)